The barrel  is our passion

“Barrel making is the innermost confidential relationship between the cooper and winemaker...!”

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We love it with our heart and soul

One of the most important tools for a winemaker is the barrel. This is why we use the finest materials to produce the best quality barrels.

Environmentally friendly

It is important for us to take good care of our wood resources. Therefore, we strive to continuously improve the workshop and our production techniques to achieve the highest standards possible.

We transport all over the world.

We are very proud that outside of Hungary all over the world, renowned winemakers and distillers use our barrels.


  This is to use during the wine making process as a container. It is made according to the „ Barrel making Home Standard of the Kalina Cooper Trade” the KKÜ 07-1959. For the negotiated wish of a customer we can alter from the standard.


We select all the wood  for our barrels from the Zemplén forest. These forests surrounding Tokaj are steep, rocky, and cold. It’s a unique source where we can choose the best wood from trees 80 -100 years old. They are amongst the tightest grain oak in Europe. The Zemplén forest is exceptional in the world as only here does Quercus Petraea grow exclusively in a contiguous area. It is a highly sought after and prized oak thanks to its attractive characteristics and aromatics.

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Oak is as important to the cooper as grapes are to the winemaker


Because We give it our name


Have you noticed that many international cooperages produce barrels under brand names? We choose to incorporate our family name into our logo. It’s a statement that we are our product. Our work carries the essence of what we represent and who we are. And we are the only owners. Our lives are the stake of this venture. Consequently, we will reliably be here. The personnel shall remain the same. You’ll always be in communication with us.


Gratitude to our Creator: we have many successful projects in conjunction with multiple wineries. These serve as our references

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Company Info

Executive vice president/owner


Bodnár Marianna

00 36 70 386 3755      |


If you have any questions we are happy to answer.


Executive Director,  coopermeister/owner


Kalina Gábor

00 36 70 774 8842      |


If there is any specific question about our product, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kalina Barrels Ltd.


Workshop:  H 3909 Mád, Vasút street 1.

Phone/Fax 00 36 47 398 142  |


Main office : H 3907 Tállya, Kinizsi 23.
Phone/Fax 00 36 70 774 8842  |


Tax number: 24711209-2-05

Registration number: 05-09-026149

Statical Number: 24711209-1624-113-05


Name of the bank: K&H Bank Zrt.

Bank Account number HUF: HU46 1040 0322 5052 6690 7265 1006

Bank Account number EUR: SK27 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000

Oak is as important to the cooper as grapes are to the winemaker